To decrease air intake resistance and temperature, inhaling more air through air intake improves combustion efficiency, which leads to a power increase. The technology and capability MUGEN devotes to "High performance intake systems" are always related with GT and Formula machines competing at circuits.

Temperature can be a burden when it comes to sending as much fresh air as possible into cylinders. "Hi-performance air cleaner and box" whose inlet position is optimized as replacement for genuine part. Air inlet layout, its capacity, the material of box and filter are all designed and developed for each vehicle model individually so as not to compromise the installation and/or cause elevated air temperatures. Also in the case of S2000 and INTEGRA, MUGEN aerodynamic bumpers have been developed in conjunction with the air box. Installation of both parts results in absolute performance increase.

"High performance air filter" is a replacement type moistened with oil and with a stainless steel mesh employed as a core part of the filter. Due to the low density sponge material, the flow resistance of the filter itself decreases by 50%.

However even a tiny dust particle cannot be allowed to enter the cylinders, and the severe conditions imposed by both motor sports and street driving continue to drive the development. Drawing on the experience gained in its long history and association with racing, the filter MUGEN supplies for air cleaner has a large and rigid inlet cross-sectional area and is made of the same material as that utilized for racing cars.

Available for NSX (NA1), S2000 (AP1/AP2), CIVIC TYPE R (FD2/FN2/EP3/EK9), INTEGRA TYPE R (DC5/DC2/DB8), ACCORD Euro R (CL7), CR-Z (ZF1) etc.

Exchangeable type with genuine air cleaner box

Optimization of air box layout and adaptation of special high performance air filter contributes to decrease of air-flow resistance by 19%(*). In addition, the intake vent is also optimized to reduce induction temperature so as to boost power output.
*Depends on the vehicles.

Exchangeable type for use with the OE air cleaner box

High performance air filter reducing air-flow resistance.
It is developed based on the technologies applied in the uppermost categories of Motorsport. This air filter helps the air box to inhale high-density air with maximum efficiency. Induction air-flow resistance is reduced by 12%(*) due to wet type stainless mesh and high performance sponge.
*Depend on the vehicles.

Maintenance replacement air filter for Hi-Performance Air Cleaner & Box

Maintenance replacement air filter indispensable enough to maintain inhalation efficiency