February 02, 2022

Announcement of MUGEN new casting wheel
(Exclusive products for Asia-Pacific Official MUGEN Parts Distributor)

MUGEN (M-TEC Co., Ltd. Tomoyuki Hashimoto, president) (Hereinafter called MUGEN) are pleased to introduce MUGEN new casting wheel.

● MUGEN Aluminum Wheel MC10 & MC10L

Starting from the classic competition-grade wheel "MF", the reborn new casting aluminum wheel "MC10" and "MC10L" combine the visual experience with the design style of the MUGEN body to meet the high-intensity requirements of track competition., Adopt anti-skid offset Flange design, which can improve tire adhesion, and make the ring body have a radial angle by spinning, which can support large-size brake groups.

"MC10" is made by spinning manufacturing process, and "MC10L" is specially processed to achieve a perfect balance between light weight and high rigidity.
Model Inch Rim Width Hole P.C.D Inset Color
MC10 17 8.5J 5H 114.3 35 White
9.0J 35
9.0J 38
MC10L 15 8.0J 5H 114.3 32 White
8.0J 4H 100

• MUGEN Aluminum Wheel MD15

The new spinning casting aluminum wheel "MD15" with both stylish design and light weight adopts a design that makes the visual sense more full by gradually changing the thickness of the cut surface from the wheel center to the rim. The matte black finish and surface finish of the painting presents a perfect balance between the cut surface and the two-tone of the matte black coating. Spinning processing makes the ring body have a more radial angle, which can support large-sized brake groups, while ensuring high rigidity and helping to reduce weight.

Model Inch Rim Width Hole P.C.D Inset Color
MD15 18 8.5J 5H 114.3 38 MBFP
8.5J 45
9.5J 38
9.5J 45