October 24, 2023

Release of new color  MUGEN MF10 wheel

MUGEN are pleased to release MUGEN new color of forging aluminum wheel MF10.

MUGEN developed a demanding forging manufacturing process as a result of our commitment to producing wheel parts that are both lightweight and strong. 
Item Parts number Size Hole Inset P.C.D Color
18inch 42700-MF10-895W-45 9.5J 5 45 120 Racing white
42700-MF10-895W-B1 114.3
42700-MF10-805W-45 10.5J
17inch 42700-MF1B-775W-52 7.5J 52
42700-MF1B-785W-59 8.5J 59
42700-MF10-785W-40 40
42700-MF1B-780W-45 8.0J 45
Item Parts number Size Hole Inset P.C.D Color
18inch 42700-MF10-895S-45 9.5J 5 45 120 Silver metalic
42700-MF10-895S-B1 114.3
42700-MF10-805S-45 10.5J
17inch 42700-MF1B-775S-52 7.5J 52
42700-MF1B-785S-59 8.5J 59
42700-MF10-785S-40 40
42700-MF1B-780S-45 8.0J 45
White color is equipped the red valve, and silver color is equipped the blue valve.
These valves are anodised and due to the manufacturing process, there are individual differences in color.
Some part numbers may take longer to deliver.