April 18, 2024

M-TEC Co., Ltd. (MUGEN) is pleased to announce the release of new parts for CIVIC TYPE R. 

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MUGEN parts for FL5 "CIVIC TYPE R" are developed based on the concept "Extreme "R."MUGEN's racing spirit and know-how accumulated through many years of motor sports participation are poured in to generate literally the ultimate TYPE R. Tomoki Nojiri, one of the fastest driver in Japan, collaborated with us as a development driver. 

The "CIVIC TYPE R MUGEN Group A" and "CIVIC TYPE R MUGEN Group B" were exhibited and thankfully attracted so many visitors at the Tokyo Auto Salon and Osaka Auto Messe. Here we are pleased to announce the parts for the "CIVIC TYPE R MUGEN Group A". The parts for the "CIVIC TYPE R MUGEN Group B" are still under development. Please wait for our official announcement. 

Aero parts for Group A are designed to further improve the aerodynamic performance of the FL5 CIVIC TYPE R. Through repeated CFD analysis and wind tunnel testing, the shape of all the aero parts were optimized as one complete package, resulting in 25% increase in downforce compared to the OE package. We aimed to achieve "functional beauty" with powerful styling along with optimization of the aerodynamics through its design. 

The "FRONT UNDER SPOILER" protruding broadly from the front of the vehicle contributes to downforce gain and solidifies the presence of the CIVIC TYPE R.

Following such a design as the front under spoiler the "SIDE GARNISH" and the "REAR UNDER SPOILER" are prepared in glossy black to further emphasize its low and wide aspect and show CIVIC TYPE R as if it were a racing vehicle. 

Adopting a variable wing whose shape was determined through CFD analysis and several test drive on the racetrack and a dry carbon end plate contributes to huge weight saving. The "REAR WING" makes itself look large and brings about relaxing proportion with help of twisted outwardly end plate.

In addition, the "FRONT BUMPER GARNISH" having an aggressive look installed at the entrance of the front air skirt expresses MUGEN racing spirit. A total of five aero parts are available. Glossy black and unpainted versions are available. The rear wing is unpainted. 

As for handling, the exclusively designed 19-inch forged aluminum wheel "FR10" was developed in cooperation with BBS to achieve the optimal wheel rigidity for the CIVIC TYPE R. 

Compared to the OE aluminum wheels, the FR10 wheels are totally about 10kg lighter. Color is diamond black. In addition, the "RACING NUTS" and the "RACING LOCK NUTS" made of a high-strength material SCM435 (chrome molybdenum steel) are newly developed, and this characteristic tube design give a racing impression to the wheels. 

The "Performance Damper®," acquiring a good reputation for its function which prevents car-body vibration and improves ride quality and steering stability also are developed for the CIVIC TYPE R. It has been optimized for driving the CIVIC TYPE R. 

As interior parts, the "MS-C" full bucket seats are prepared for both the driver and front passenger sides which can contribute to weight saving and high holdability. Mesh fabric is adopted. The "CARBON CENTER CONSOLE PANEL" and the "ALCANTARA SHIFT KNOB" are also available to evoke a sense of excitement when jumping into CIVIC TYPE R. 

Other than the parts mentioned above, we produce typical MUGEN sports mat, sports luggage mat giving the interior a sporty look, as one of the most popular items ventilated visor having high ventilation performance, hydrofilic LED mirrors, scuff plates, and door inner protectors as utility parts in wide range. 

We are currently developing the parts we displayed at the Tokyo Auto Salon and other events, such as the "SPORTS EXSAUST SYSTEM", the "LED TAILLIGHTS", and the "SPORTS STEERING WHEEL".  Details of the parts will be informed later. 

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* PERFORMANCE DAMPER" is a registered trademark of Yamaha Motor Co.