December 14, 2016

About the 2017 SUPER GT Racing System



M-TEC Co., Ltd. (president: Tomoyuki Hashimoto) has announced that TEAM MUGEN will be racing in the 2017 SUPER GT Series GT500 class, and conducted a shakedown of the MUGEN NSX-GT.



█ Racing system

Car No. 16
Tires Yokohama Tire
Director Nagataka Tezuka
Drivers Hideki Muto / Daisuke Nakajima


█ Comments

Director Nagataka Tezuka
It was a great honor for me today to announce that TEAM MUGEN will be racing in the SUPER GT Series next season.
It has been 3 years since MUGEN challenged the GT300 class in 2014, and this will be a completely new challenge as we race for victory in the GT500 class with our new NSX-GT machine. The strength of our team is getting a large boost with the return of the highly experienced pair of drivers Hideki Muto and Daisuke Nakajima, and with the group of mechanics who have learned so much from their work in SUPER GT and SUPER FORMULA.
Because this is a new team, first of all we need to build up the machine. I think that we will be fully ready to race by the time the 2017 season arrives. The team will join together and make every effort so that we can deliver good results to everyone. I ask for all of your support.
Driver Hideki Muto   Driver Daisuke Nakajima

TEAM MUGEN won the GT300 championship in 2013, and I have great expectations for next season when this team of professionals will once again come together to race.
I and my teammate Daisuke Nakajima have been racing together since 2012. I think we make a good combination, and we each understand the other very well, including his driving style and character. Using Yokohama Tire will be a new challenge for us, but the enthusiasm of the Yokohama Tire staff has made itself clear, and I hope to do my part to make this a top-level machine.
I am very honored to be a driver for a team that has generated such high expectations, and hope that I can share my experience with the rest of the team. Although this is a new team and we are starting from scratch, I will make every effort so that we can produce good results.


Although I am a little sad to be leaving Epson Nakajima Racing, where I was a member for a long time, I am looking forward to being able to drive with this new team. This will be a good chance to polish my skills in a new environment, and I hope to help this new team achieve results.
I have been driving together with Hideki Muto since 2012, and we understand each other well. We will work together to help the team succeed. Although this is the first time that Yokohama Tire has been used with a Honda GT machine, the team has gained experience in the SUPER FORMULA series, and I believe that with repeated testing we can make it work. There is pressure driving for historical TEAM MUGEN, but I will turn this pressure into strength and aim for greater heights.