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Please be noted that this page introduces the parts installable on the vehicles in Japan. We do not confirm if those parts are also installable on the vehicles sold in foreign countries.

Ventilated Visor

Ventilated visor having superior ventilation performance

In case of the ordinary visors, when the side window is open even slightly, air emitted from the front area of the side windows re-enters the passenger compartment.

But, the MUGEN ventilated visor is equipped with rubber blades on the bottom area and then it prevents the back flow and efficiently uses negative pressure to discharge air from the passenger compartment.

Furthermore, negative-pressure occurring during the drive emits air efficiently. It also works as a visor preventing rain drops from coming inside the car.
Smoked acrylic plastic / 4 pcs. per set
※When top end of window is positioned upper than the rubber blades.



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Installable on all types = All types below

EX = EX EX・M = EX・Masterpiece H EX = HYBRID EX H EX・M = HYBRID EX・Masterpiece

※Information in this catalog pdf is as of July 2018.