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AERODYNAMICS for Front Aero Bumper Style

Please be noted that this page introduces the parts installable on the vehicles in Japan. We do not confirm if those parts are also installable on the vehicles sold in foreign countries.


Front Sports Grille

Front Sports Grille

Direct replacement for the OE front grille
Shiny black finish, Mold injection, ABS

For all types (FF/4WD)

Shiny black

0.6h 75100-XMK-K0S0

Front Aero Bumper

Front Aero BumperFront Aero Bumper

Vehicle not installed with the LED fog light, aero illumination, or OE LED position lamp

The front aero bumper can be installed with either MUGEN front sports grille or the OE grille. Also both the OE fog light and MUGEN fog light, and MUGEN aero illumination are attachable. Two-toned (Body color × matte black)
Vacuum-formed PPE

For all types (FF/4WD)

Two-toned (Body color × matte black)

0.6h 62511-XMK-K0S0-※※


0.6h 62511-XMK-K0S0-ZZ

[OPTION] LED Fog Light

LED Fog LightLED Fog Light

Advanced super luminosity LED fog light with a high level of visibility, low power consumption, long life, and is capable of giving an ideal light distribution owing to a combination of a high performance projector unit and a LED.
MUGEN front aero bumper, Attachment kit, sold separately, is required for installation.


LED Fog Light Attachment

A set of a LED fog light attachment and a harness

HYBRID·S package (FF)13G·S package (FF/4WD)RS

0.6h 08V31-XMK-K4S0

A set of a LED fog light attachment, a harness, and a switch

HYBRID·F package (FF)HYBRID·L package (FF)

13G·F package (FF/4WD13G·L package (FF/4WD)

15X (FF/4WD)15X·L package (FF/4WD)

1.2h 08V31-XMK-K3S0

LEDフォグライト スイッチ


[OPTION] Aero Illumination

Aero Illumination

Aero illumination with a super luminosity bright white LED
Aero illumination is always activated whenever the ignition switch is in an “on” position.
An optional part for MUGEN front aero bumper

Aero illumination itself cannot be “on” or “off” independently.
The light color may look different depending on how it is viewed.

0.8h 33400-XMK-K0S0

Side Spoiler “Colored × Black”

Side Spoiler “Colored × Black”

To be attached on the bottom part of the OE side skirt (In case the side garnish is initially installed, replace it for the MUGEN side spoiler.), Two-toned (Body color × matte black)※, Vacuum-formed PPE, A set of right and left spoilers

※Crystal black color cannot be selected for Two-toned type of the side spoiler.

For all types (FF/4WD)

Two-toned(Body color × matte black)

1.2h 70219-XMK-K0S0-※※

Crystal black pearl

1.2h 70219-XMK-K1S0-CB


1.2h 70219-XMK-K0S0-ZZ

Rear Under Spoiler

To be attached on the bottom part of the OE rear bumper, Optional LED rear fog light can be attachable. Two-toned, comes with a separated piece of gloss black painted diffuser, Vacuum-formed PPE

A part of the bumper needs to be cut for installation.

Rear Under Spoiler 2トーンカラード仕上げ(カラード×ツヤ消しブラック塗装)

HYBRID·S package (FF)13G·S package (FF/4WD) RS

Two-toned (Colored × matte black)

1.0h 84111-XMK-K1S0-※※

Rear Under Spoiler 2トーンカラード仕上げ(カラード×ツヤ消しブラック塗装)

HYBRID (FF)HYBRID·F package (FF) HYBRID·L package (FF)

13G (FF/4WD)13G·F package (FF/4WD) 13G·L package (FF/4WD)

15X (FF/4WD)15X·L package (FF/4WD)

Two-toned(Colored × matte black)

1.0h 84111-XMK-K0S0-※※


1.0h 84111-XMK-K0S0-ZZ

[OPTION] LED Rear Fog Light

LED Rear Fog Light LEDリアフォグライト点灯時

LED rear fog light on

LED Rear Fog Light LEDリアフォグライト非装着車

Vehicle not installed with the LED rear fog light

LED Rear Fog Light スイッチ部


LED rear fog light can add an impression of racing car silhouette to the rear appearance and has high level of visibility even in bad weather. Comes with switch installable on instrument panel

The product can be installed on the MUGEN rear under spoiler installed initially. MUGEN LED fog light can not be installed together with LED rear fog light for HYBRID·F package, 13G·F package, 15X equipped with the halogen light.

1.5h 34400-XMK-K0S0

Carbon Upper Wing

Carbon Upper Wing表面拡大写真

Close-up picture

Dry carbon upper wing to be attached on the OE tail gate
It is covered with UV clear coating which prevents the cover from deterioration.
Exclusive item for HYBRID·S package, 13G·S package, and RS. Comes with MUGEN logo

HYBRID·S package (FF)13G·S package (FF/4WD)RS

1.0h 84112-XMK-K2S0

Ventilated Visor

Ventilated VisorRubber blade prevents the emitted air from re-entering into the car.

With the case of the ordinary visors, when the side window is open even slightly, air emitted from the front opening flows upward along the window and re-enters the passenger compartment.

However, the MUGEN visor design has so unique configuration that it prevents the back flow and efficiently uses negative pressure to discharge air from the passenger compartment. Furthermore, wind noise is significantly reduced compared to that generated by many other visor fitments, while at the same time rainwater is prevented from entering the passenger compartment; both factors that provide a substantial improvement in passenger comfort. Smoked acrylic, 2pcs each of the front and rear visors as a set, PAT

※Under the condition that the top part of the window is positioned higher than that of rubber blade

0.4h 72400-XMK-K0S0

Color Variation

Honda Color Code | MUGEN Color Code

プレミアムホワイト・パール アラバスターシルバー・メタリック ティンテッドシルバー・メタリック
Premium White Pearl
NH624P  | PW
Alabaster Silver Metallic
NH700M  |  AS
Tinted Silver Metallic
NH823M  |  TS
クリスタルブラック・パール サンセットオレンジU ミラノレッド
Crystal Black Pearl
NH731P  | CB

Sun Set Orange Ⅱ

YR585  |  SN

Milano Red
R81  |  MR
ブリリアントスポーティブルー・メタリック ライトベージュ・メタリック アトラクトイエロー・パール
Brilliant Sporty Blue Metallic
B593M | BT

Light Beige Metallic

YR605M  |  LB

Attract Yellow Pearl
Y72P  |  AY
ビビッドスカイブルー・パール 未塗装
Vivid Sky Blue Pearl
B595P  | VS



For all types (FF/4WD)

HYBRID (FF), HYBRID·F package (FF), HYBRID·L package (FF), HYBRID·S package (FF), 13G (FF/4WD), 13G·F package (FF/4WD), 13G·L package (FF/4WD), 13G·S package (FF/4WD), 15X (FF/4WD), 15X· L package (FF/4WD), RS


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