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Please be noted that this page introduces the parts installable on the vehicles in Japan. We do not confirm if those parts are also installable on the vehicles sold in foreign countries.

Engine Treatment Oil MT105

Molybdenum, a major ingredient of MT105, is quickly absorbed into the metal friction surface, filling surface irregularities and forming a smooth surface with a strong lubrication film, which in turn reduces the friction resistance and minimizes the loss of engine power as a result. Amount: 200ml


High Performance Engine Oil VT-α

4L Can

VT-α shows the same performance as that of the racing engine oil and maintains oxidation performance and cold-start performance necessary for street use at the same time. MUGEN, a specialist of Honda engines selected base oil which has the optimally matching property and oil viscosity. Furthermore MODTC, organ molybdenum which generates the strong lubricating film that fills surface irregularities and forms a smooth surface in order to reduce friction resistance is added into this engine oil.
4-cycle gasoline engine oil, SAE 5W-40 100% synthetic engine oil

Exchange amount  : Oil only: 5.0L / Oil and Filter: 5.4L

[4L Can]


[1L Bottle]


Hi-Performance Oil Element

Filtering size and form are optimized to eliminate as much sludge deposits as possible. As a result pressure loss is improved by 10% (Comparison with the standard element). Moreover “Y” shaped filter is adopted to efficiently catch sludge and also prevents friction inside the engine. Materials such as anti-heat acrylic rubber (gasket) and silicon rubber (anti-drain) which are resistant about high temperature condition of the engine are also adopted