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Please be noted that this page introduces the parts installable on the vehicles in Japan. We do not confirm if those parts are also installable on the vehicles sold in foreign countries.

Aluminum Wheel MDCF

Available from the end of October in 2019

Machined and forged wheels “MDCF” specially developed for the CIVIC TYPE R
Machining and forging process results in light weight and highly rigidity.
Size: 20×8.5J inset 45 and 53
Color: Two-toned black mirror face
Special wheel nuts are sold separately. Standard wheel nuts cannot be used.


【20 × 8.5J inset 45 120-5H】42700-XNCF-085A-45
【20 × 8.5J inset 53 120-5H】42700-XNCF-085A-53

Wheel Nut & Lock Set

A set of 16 wheel nuts (taper type) and 4 lock nuts
Size: M14 × P1.5