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Please be noted that this page introduces the parts installable on the vehicles in Japan. We do not confirm if those parts are also installable on the vehicles sold in foreign countries.

LED Tail Light

Available from October in 2019

MUGEN advanced original full LEDs tail light
Luminous part in both sides is designed sharply and located in outer-bottom area of the tail light help its appearance look lowered and sporty.
Sequential mode is also available.
Exchangeable for the standard tail light



MUGEN Reservoir Tank Cover

Fashionable reservoir tank cover absorbing the brake and clutch fluid leakage which can occur due to various factors in driving Fireproof aramid fabric ensures safety.



Door Handle Protector

This protector not only prevents scratches caused by fingernails or other objects when in opening and closing the door, but also features a carbon-style embossing that creates a sporty look around the door handles.
Installable on both front and rear doors



Hydrophilic LED Mirror

When the LED lamps are on (The picture above is of INSIGHT)

Location of MUGEN logo

Hydrophilic wide-angle blue mirror exchangeable for the standard mirror
Multi-layer coated, blue color mirror which diminishes ultraviolet light and sun light when in driving. This mirror eliminates dangerous rear-view mirror glare and reduces eye fatigue. Hydrophilic coated mirrors photocatalysis technology adopted for also improve driver's visibility while driving in rain. LEDs in the mirrors light up along with turning signals. MUGEN logo is printed.



Carbon Number Plate Garnish

Number plate garnish made of dry carbon
Finished with UV resistant clear coat to avoid deteriorations including color fade
Not installable an illuminated type number plate




Number Plate Bolts

High-grade machined number plate bolt composed of stainless steel head (washer collar) and bolt
Hexagonal socket-head is adopted as a protection against theft. MUGEN POWER logo is laser-printed on
Head size: φ 20 t=3mm / 2 bolts per set
Not installable on an illuminated type number plate



MUGEN Metal Logo Emblem

Chrome-plated metal / White

Chrome-plated metal / Black

High grade three dimensional chrome-plated metal emblem
Two colors are selectable depending on the car body color.
Available in White and Black concave MUGEN logo / Size: 20 (length) × 165 (width) mm

Chrome-plated metal / White



Recommended combination color  :   Championship White


Chrome-plated metal / Black



Recommended color combination  :  Crystal Black Pearl, Flame Red, and Brilliant Sporty Blue Metallic

MUGEN Titanium Emblem

Considering characteristics of titanium, this emblem is machined and burned to get texture of machine-cutting surface and typical titanium gradation color.
Size: 15 (length) × 110 (width) mm
Color tone varies depending on the product due to handcraft.




Under Development

Carbon Aero Bonnet, Wing Spoiler, Carbon Wing Spoiler, Sports Exhaust System, Oil Filler cap
All the parts above are under development. Further information will be announced around on October in 2019.