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Please be noted that this page introduces the parts installable on the vehicles in Japan. We do not confirm if those parts are also installable on the vehicles sold in foreign countries.


Carbon Door Mirror Cover

Carbon Door Mirror CoverCarbon Room Mirror Cover Close-up picture

Close-up picture

Door mirror cover made of dry carbon exclusively designed for CR-Z. It is covered with UV clear coating which prevents the cover from deterioration. Comes with MUGEN logo

For all types

0.5h 76205-XLT-K0S0

Hydrophilic Mirror

Hydrophilic Mirror Hydrophilic Mirror

Multi-layer coated, blue color mirror which diminishes ultraviolet light and sun light
When driving, this mirror eliminates dangerous rear-view mirror glare and reduces eye fatigue, making it safer for drivers. Hydrophilic coated mirrors developed by photocatalyst technology can clear driver’s vision while driving in rain.
The modified curvature of the mirror (RH side - 1000R, LH side - 600R), allows a wider range of view for the driver. Supplied as a direct replacement for the OE mirror glasses, and complete with laser-printed MUGEN logo.

Please be noted that the heat demisting function of the mirrors can be lowered due to installation of these mirrors.

For all types

0.3h 76200-XLT-K0S0

Number Plate Bolts

Number Plate Bolts

High grade machined number plate bolt, comprising of stainless steel head (washer collar) and bolt
Laser printed with MUGEN POWER
Hexagonal socket-head is adopted as a protection against theft

For all types

0.1h 75700-XG8-K0S0

MUGEN Titanium Emblem

MUGEN Titanium Emblem

Characteristics of titanium are considered to be machined and burned to get typical titanium gradation color.
Size: 15 (length) x 110 (width) mm

Color varies depending on the product due to handcraft.

For all types

0.1h 90000-XYE-301A

MUGEN Metal Logo Emblem

High grade three dimensional Chrome-plated metal emblem Colors are selectable white or black depending on the vehicle’s color. Available in White and Black
Size: 20 (length) x 165 (width) mm

MUGEN Metal Logo Emblem Chrome plated / White

Chrome plated / White  

0.4h 90000-YZ8-DV62-WH

Recommended vehicle color: Premium White Pearl

MUGEN Metal Logo Emblem Chrome plated / Black

Chrome plated / Black  

0.4h 90000-YZ8-DV62-BK

Recommended vehicle colors: Premium Energetic Yellow Metallic, Premium Northern Violet, Crystal Black Pearl, Milano Red, Polished Metal Metallic, Horizon Turquoise Pearl

Hexagon Oil Filler Cap


Precision-machined from solid aluminium and hard-anodised finish, Two piece structure, MUGEN logo is on top. Grip part is hexagonal for easy grip. 5 colors are available: Champagne Gold, Silver, Red, Blue, and Black

For all types

0.1h [ CHAMPAGNE GOLD ] 15610-XG8-K2S0-CG
[ GRAY SILVER ] 15610-XG8-K2S0-GS
[ RED ] 15610-XG8-K2S0-R
[ BLUE ] 15610-XG8-K2S0-BU
[ BLACK ] 15610-XG8-K2S0-BL

Oil Filler Cap

Precision-machined from solid aluminium and hard-anodised finish 5 colors are available: Champagne Gold, Silver, Red, Blue, and Black

For all types

0.1h [ CHAMPAGNE GOLD ] 15610-XG8-K1S0-CG
[ SILVER ] 15610-XG8-K1S0-S
[ RED ] 15610-XG8-K1S0-R
[ BLUE ] 15610-XG8-K1S0-BU
[ BLACK ] 15610-XG8-K1S0-BL

For all types α、α・Master label、β


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